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  Railway Systems - automation and driverless systems, strategies in signalling systems, communication systems, control systems, and automatic revenue collection systems.
  System Engineering - A total system life cycle approach; establishing processes and documentation to support system engineering.
  Project Management - strategies in management, establishment of management structure, project monitoring tools, and leading by example.
  Contract & Claims Management - establising effective processes and procedures to manage claims. Assisting with claims preparation, dispute resolution, and negotiations.
  Tendering - strategies, Invitation to Tender (ITT) and specification preparation, establishment of evaluation criteria, assisting with bid evaluation, and recommendation for contract award.
  Bidding - assisting in bid preparation, both technical and commercial.
  Auditing - system, safety, design, and progress audits; providing independence from the project and organisation.
  Independent Competent Person - in support of the Railways and Other Guided Transport Systems (ROGS) safety regulations; objective and unbiased assessment of the system safety verification.


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